Awesome Day Yacht Charter Reservations Videos

Yacht Charter Videos from Caribbean Islands Vacations

Reserving a Yacht for the Day in the Caribbean makes for memorable videos. We will go over some of the best videos on youtube regarding these types of vacations. We would recommend that anytime you are taking a trip to the Islands and especially if you are renting or chartering a sailboat or motor yacht make sure you keep your mobile phones safe and dry when you are making videos.

When you are relaxing on the deck of the yacht it’s a perfect time to get those selfies!

selfie on a chartered yacht

Best Virgin Island Yacht Vacation Videos

Now that’s a party!

This old video is from 2012 but shows some great adventures while on a sailing vacation in the Caribbean. Why rent a hotel when you can charter a boat for the weekend!

Many people find that the best way to save their memories is to transfer the video into a digital format like mp4 or a CD or DVD so they can be copied or stored safely. There are lots of great videos from weddings, bachelor and bachelorette parties that people have had in the Islands.

Make sure you keep those memories of your Hotel and Boat Trips

Whether you have an iphone or Android phone it doesn’t matter. All of the most common mobiles have great cameras and video players that are perfect for capturing all of those great times you will be having on your trip to the Caribbean. Which hotel to stay at is one of the most common questions travel brokers receive. Why stay at a hotel when you can charter a yacht for the day, weekend, week or longer! Whether you want to rent a sail boat, motor yacht, catamaran or other type of vessel then you will have a much better experience. People can stay at a hotel or motel anywhere in the world but when people come to the islands they want luxury all the way. Renting a yacht for a day charter isn’t over priced especially if you go in the off season.

Favorite Yacht Charter Broker in the Caribbean

As far as what company to call when you are wanting to make a reservation you have a few options. A highly regarded Caribbean Charter company Charter Tree has been very helpful in answering questions and helping people set up all types of Yacht Rentals in the BVI.

Why should you rent a yacht?

Of course staying at a resort in a nice location is a great thing, the problem is not all great vacation spots offer the experience of actually sleeping and partying over the ocean water. There is nothing more luxurious than cruising around the clear blue water in a beautiful boat. It’s so natural and relaxing, that ocean wind blowing in your face. So for readers of this blog I wish you the best and if you would like to share any of your vacation stories feel free to send us an email and pictures and if you have a video you’d like to share we’re waiting!