Custom Shower Doors for Hotel and Motel Renovations

Hotel Remodeling Tips for Contractors

While everybody needs to bathe, not that many people care too much about the way their bathroom looks in terms of sticking to a certain aesthetic or design theme. Most hotels have ample space for custom bathroom renovations and kitchen remodels that are functional and small. Unless someone in the hotel design is catering to top level clients who want the most luxurious amenities. A passionate visual artist or designer, the general consensus seems to be that as long as it is moderately clean, that’s good enough. This is a theme with interior design: pretty much everybody understands that a hotel is a home no matter how “nice” or attractive the furniture and décor arrangements are.

That being said, there are plenty of reasons to consider upgrading the shower unit. You want to make sure you have a nice amount of space to keep your shampoo and other products organized, as well as making sure you are comfortable fitting in the space. However, we understand it is not always feasible to fully expand the shower or bathtub space, so we have a solution that can help create the illusion of a larger space: replacing your old plastic shower curtain with a glass door!

To the uninitiated, it may not be immediately obvious that there exists a wide variety of different shower door options. If you’re looking for some ideas to freshen up one of the most important rooms in your hotel are the kitchen and bathroom, since usually all hotel rooms will be pretty standard., you’re in the right place!

Transparent Glass. Clear, shiny glass is a fun option if you really want to open up the space as much as you can. If you’re worried about privacy, you could always drape a towel over the outside of the glass panel, but as long as your bathroom door is locked, you should have nothing to fear. Perfectly clear glass will help keep the steam in and prevent any spills, unlike those plastic or rubber shower curtains, while letting in plenty of light.

Clouded Glass. If you’re looking for a bit more privacy, clouded or opaque glass is the perfect choice for you. This will still let in most of the light while slightly distorting the view, so if anyone happens to walk in through an accidentally unlocked door, you’re still perfectly safe. This is the option that most hotels and inns have in their bathrooms, as many people tend to be more comfortable with the added opacity.

Frameless Doors. It might sound impossible, but many shower doors not require the addition of a metal frame. This is simply due to different techniques in attaching the hinges and other things that need to be screwed into the wall. If possible, a frameless door will let in more light, appear more open, and overall look much cleaner and more streamlined.

A tri-wall enclosure. Many standing showers are built into a little nook or inset in a bathroom wall, with the door simply taking up the space of one wall. However, depending on the architecture and structure of your bathroom, a little fishbowl-esque enclosure can easily be built, with two additional panels flanking the door.

Now that you have an idea of the different types of shower glass doors available to you, it’s time to start considering which might be right for your home, not to mention the décor and other accessories that will go along with it. Have fun, and don’t forget to share your results!

Awesome Day Yacht Charter Reservations Videos

Yacht Charter Videos from Caribbean Islands Vacations

Reserving a Yacht for the Day in the Caribbean makes for memorable videos. We will go over some of the best videos on youtube regarding these types of vacations. We would recommend that anytime you are taking a trip to the Islands and especially if you are renting or chartering a sailboat or motor yacht make sure you keep your mobile phones safe and dry when you are making videos.

When you are relaxing on the deck of the yacht it’s a perfect time to get those selfies!

selfie on a chartered yacht

Best Virgin Island Yacht Vacation Videos

Now that’s a party!

This old video is from 2012 but shows some great adventures while on a sailing vacation in the Caribbean. Why rent a hotel when you can charter a boat for the weekend!

Many people find that the best way to save their memories is to transfer the video into a digital format like mp4 or a CD or DVD so they can be copied or stored safely. There are lots of great videos from weddings, bachelor and bachelorette parties that people have had in the Islands.

Make sure you keep those memories of your Hotel and Boat Trips

Whether you have an iphone or Android phone it doesn’t matter. All of the most common mobiles have great cameras and video players that are perfect for capturing all of those great times you will be having on your trip to the Caribbean. Which hotel to stay at is one of the most common questions travel brokers receive. Why stay at a hotel when you can charter a yacht for the day, weekend, week or longer! Whether you want to rent a sail boat, motor yacht, catamaran or other type of vessel then you will have a much better experience. People can stay at a hotel or motel anywhere in the world but when people come to the islands they want luxury all the way. Renting a yacht for a day charter isn’t over priced especially if you go in the off season.

Favorite Yacht Charter Broker in the Caribbean

As far as what company to call when you are wanting to make a reservation you have a few options. A highly regarded Caribbean Charter company Charter Tree has been very helpful in answering questions and helping people set up all types of Yacht Rentals in the BVI.

Why should you rent a yacht?

Of course staying at a resort in a nice location is a great thing, the problem is not all great vacation spots offer the experience of actually sleeping and partying over the ocean water. There is nothing more luxurious than cruising around the clear blue water in a beautiful boat. It’s so natural and relaxing, that ocean wind blowing in your face. So for readers of this blog I wish you the best and if you would like to share any of your vacation stories feel free to send us an email and pictures and if you have a video you’d like to share we’re waiting!

Finding the best place to rent a hotel

It’s easy to find cheap hotels online

inside hotel room

The web has many great websites

The web makes it easy to look around, so you can buy a resort space for the most affordable cost possible. Because lots of resorts currently operate through websites that locate you the most effective travel bargains, it’s definitely feasible to compare prices supplied by the different resorts as well as benefit from the competition between facilities.

Searching for resort bargains on the internet is an excellent way to assess prices as well as discover what’s available at any type of given moment, however often you can also make use of the Internet to book straight, with the hotel you have an interest in. The hotel’s very own internet site can make your life a lot easier and may use a discount due to the fact that you’re missing the intermediary to purchase a space right from the source.

Online sales have the tendency to be more affordable all over because they offer good deals to people that are willing to plan ahead and publication long before they prepare to take a trip. You defeated the crowd and enter ahead of the game before spaces are scarce. When hotels are ensured a specific amount of bookings for the period, they can supply competitive rates.

Yet the reverse can additionally work to your advantage. If particular resorts have final terminations or schedules, and also you’re ready and also willing to hop on an airplane as well as travel almost on the spot, you could get hold of wonderful prices also because hoteliers want to fill up spaces rather than leave them empty, without any paying residents.

On-line booking could conserve you large bucks once you get to your destination also. Throughout traveler period, expecting to walk off the street as well as discover a room for a practical price is just mosting likely to dissatisfy you. You either won’t have the ability to locate an area in all, or it will certainly be a lot too pricey.

If a hotel has areas prepared to go, they will be reserved for on-line sales. So if you are a final type of person, don’t even bother to attempt visiting an establishment in person to discover a room. Instead, locate the local Web connection and also book the room online! Not only will you get a great cost – you’ll actually get a space. In some cases you can obtain a discount resort space for only $60 per night, in a 3 or 4 star building!

When reserving online, you’ll need to provide your bank card number over the Internet, but it won’t be charged as soon as possible. Your charge card is made use of to hold your reservation till you arrive and check in, at which time you could pay making use of any kind of technique you like.

Nowadays there are tons of quality traveling websites that let you publication resort spaces at price cut rates in worldwide locations. A number of these firms also provide digital hotel excursions, checklist centers available in the areas, or even provide resort booking pointers.

As well as these sites usually give you access to extra hotel discount rates, special deals, combination deals, as well as resort events, making it easy to put together an economical plan of discounts. The whole process typically goes extremely rapidly as well as efficiently.

Yet make certain you don’t select just any kind of resort, based solely on the pictures given online, and also the affordable price. The one negative aspect of on the internet shopping is the inability to figure out whether a resort actually is tidy, secure, and worth the cost. As with any kind of major purchase you make, research the hotel you’re taking into consideration prior to committing to a reservation– read testimonials from travel companions that have remained at the very same place as well as browse objective point of views on the resort from various sources. Lots of websites provide info from other world travelers that will certainly help you establish whether or not a particular lodging serves or should be nixed off your listing of prospective accommodations.

With this understanding in hand, you must never need to pay complete price for a hotel area once again. The Internet offers the knowledgeable vacationer a superb chance to take pleasure in a wonderful holiday for less– if you agree to give it a try.

How to find the best hotel rates online

How to use the net to get the best hotel reservation prices

hotel room entryway

It’s easy to find the best hotel rates online

Thankfully for the web-savvy traveler, it’s much easier than ever to find affordable resort rates abroad, in various countries, if you recognize ways to take advantage of online booking with business that supply discounted rates to their customers online.

The web makes it very easy to search, so you can buy a hotel area for the most affordable price possible. Since numerous hotels currently operate through websites that discover you the best traveling deals, it’s definitely possible to compare costs used by the numerous resorts as well as take advantage of the competitors in between facilities.

Searching for resort bargains online is a wonderful means to assess rates and also discover exactly what’s offered at any type of given minute, however often you could also use the Internet to publication directly, via the hotel you’re interested in. The hotel’s very own website can make your life a lot easier and could provide a price cut due to the fact that you’re avoiding the middleman to buy a room right from the source.

Online sales have the tendency to be more affordable all over since they offer good deals to people that want to plan ahead and also publication long prior to they intend to travel. You beat the crowd and also get in ahead of the game before spaces are infrequent. When hotels are assured a certain quantity of bookings for the season, they could give affordable prices.

But the opposite could likewise work to your advantage. If particular resorts have last-minute terminations or accessibilities, and also you’re ready and also going to get on an aircraft and travel nearly right away, you can get superb rates also due to the fact that hoteliers intend to fill spaces rather than leave them vacant, without any paying owners.

On the internet reservation can save you huge bucks once you arrive at your location as well. Throughout visitor season, anticipating to stroll off the street as well as discover an area for a practical price is just going to dissatisfy you. You either will not be able to find a room at all, or it will be a lot also costly.

If a hotel has areas prepared to go, they will be booked for on-line sales. So if you are a last-minute sort of individual, don’t also bother to try going to a facility personally to find a space. Instead, situate the nearby Net link and also book the area online! Not just will you get a really good rate – you’ll really obtain an area. Sometimes you could obtain a price cut resort space for just $60 each night, in a 3 or 4 celebrity structure!

When reserving online, you’ll have to supply your bank card number over the Internet, yet it will not be billed today. Your credit card is utilized to hold your reservation until you arrive and check in, at which time you can pay utilizing any approach you prefer.

Nowadays there are lots of top quality traveling web sites that allow you publication hotel spaces at price cut costs in around the world locations. Many of these firms also supply digital hotel excursions, listing facilities readily available in the areas, and even give hotel booking suggestions.

On the internet booking boasts numerous advantages you cannot appreciate when booking via the conventional route, along with the money-saving side of points. For example, an on the internet appointment site could have thousands of hotel listings so you can choose from a variety of hotels, room dimensions, as well as services.

And these websites usually provide you accessibility to extra resort price cuts, special deals, mix offers, and resort occasions, making it very easy to create a budget friendly bundle of discount rates. The whole process typically goes extremely rapidly and also smoothly.

Yet make certain you don’t choose simply any hotel, based exclusively on the pictures supplied online, and also the low cost. The one drawback of on-line shopping is the lack of ability to determine whether or not a resort truly is clean, secure, as well as worth the rate. Just like any kind of major acquisition you make, investigate the resort you’re thinking about prior to committing to a booking– read evaluations from travel companions who have stayed at the very same location and also look through unbiased point of views on the hotel from various sources. Many internet sites provide details from various other globetrotters that will assist you identify whether a certain lodging is acceptable or need to be nixed off your listing of prospective holiday accommodations.

Anytime you publication discount hotel rooms online, make certain you review the small print: check if the rates transform for an extra person, and if breakfast, car parking facilities, and also hotel shuttle bus services are part of the deal. Check out the hotel’s cancellation plan to understand just what you’re getting involved in when you publication and also figure out if there are any unique included prices you should watch out for.

With this expertise in hand, you need to never need to pay full cost for a hotel space once again. The Internet uses the experienced traveler a superb opportunity to take pleasure in a wonderful getaway for less– if you’re willing to give it a try.