Custom Shower Doors for Hotel and Motel Renovations

Hotel Remodeling Tips for Contractors

While everybody needs to bathe, not that many people care too much about the way their bathroom looks in terms of sticking to a certain aesthetic or design theme. Most hotels have ample space for custom bathroom renovations and kitchen remodels that are functional and small. Unless someone in the hotel design is catering to top level clients who want the most luxurious amenities. A passionate visual artist or designer, the general consensus seems to be that as long as it is moderately clean, that’s good enough. This is a theme with interior design: pretty much everybody understands that a hotel is a home no matter how “nice” or attractive the furniture and décor arrangements are.

That being said, there are plenty of reasons to consider upgrading the shower unit. You want to make sure you have a nice amount of space to keep your shampoo and other products organized, as well as making sure you are comfortable fitting in the space. However, we understand it is not always feasible to fully expand the shower or bathtub space, so we have a solution that can help create the illusion of a larger space: replacing your old plastic shower curtain with a glass door!

To the uninitiated, it may not be immediately obvious that there exists a wide variety of different shower door options. If you’re looking for some ideas to freshen up one of the most important rooms in your hotel are the kitchen and bathroom, since usually all hotel rooms will be pretty standard., you’re in the right place!

Transparent Glass. Clear, shiny glass is a fun option if you really want to open up the space as much as you can. If you’re worried about privacy, you could always drape a towel over the outside of the glass panel, but as long as your bathroom door is locked, you should have nothing to fear. Perfectly clear glass will help keep the steam in and prevent any spills, unlike those plastic or rubber shower curtains, while letting in plenty of light.

Clouded Glass. If you’re looking for a bit more privacy, clouded or opaque glass is the perfect choice for you. This will still let in most of the light while slightly distorting the view, so if anyone happens to walk in through an accidentally unlocked door, you’re still perfectly safe. This is the option that most hotels and inns have in their bathrooms, as many people tend to be more comfortable with the added opacity.

Frameless Doors. It might sound impossible, but many shower doors not require the addition of a metal frame. This is simply due to different techniques in attaching the hinges and other things that need to be screwed into the wall. If possible, a frameless door will let in more light, appear more open, and overall look much cleaner and more streamlined.

A tri-wall enclosure. Many standing showers are built into a little nook or inset in a bathroom wall, with the door simply taking up the space of one wall. However, depending on the architecture and structure of your bathroom, a little fishbowl-esque enclosure can easily be built, with two additional panels flanking the door.

Now that you have an idea of the different types of shower glass doors available to you, it’s time to start considering which might be right for your home, not to mention the décor and other accessories that will go along with it. Have fun, and don’t forget to share your results!